FWD: The E-mailer

So long is the tradition of pen to paper as we’ve exchanged it for e-mail. This is exciting right? But how do we use it? To provide assistance, here are some netiquette tips on being a professional e-mailer.

The E-mail Address

Take a look at your current e-mail address. Does it associate to the name of your favourite band? Are there any numbers at the end of it including your lucky seven or the date of your birth? Is it completely unrelated to your name at all? If you answered yes to any of these questions, understand this: it’s unacceptable to use silly e-mail addresses outside personal correspondence. Create a new account using only your first and last name.

WEEK 1- PHOTO1Grammar and Punctuation

Acronyms, abbreviations and slang aren’t strangers to the WWW (World Wide Web). Still, refrain from sending your professor a message like this: “OMG, your lecture today was sweet. WTF is up with this cloud thing tho…” This is an exaggeratedly bad response, but you understand what I’m saying. Also word processors have spell check, so take advantage of it! If you want to be taken seriously, you need to at least appear literate. Contrary to the trend, your is not the same as you’re.


Apple has created the perfect emoji for every occasion. Although they can help gauge the intent of a post, anger, sarcasm, happiness etc., emoticons make a response too personal. The clever wink you sent to your co-worker could be misinterpreted as too suggestive. By sending an encouraging smile to your student you have initiated a desire for friendship. To remain formal, it’s best to avoid using emoticons.

Congratulations on your first clicks to becoming an e-mail user. Now go ahead and tell your friends you don’t actually need oven mitts to receive Hotmail.



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One Response to FWD: The E-mailer

  1. Adam says:

    Interesting read. I feel like netiquette is only going to worsen. Imagine how hard it will to be to find a professional username 50 years from now. People with generic names like Jim Bob will sure have a hard time!


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