Tweetdeck Might Be Your Next News Engine

Fig.1: My Columns.  The two interests I investigated on Twitter were cloud computing and tattoos.

For any piece of data, its integrity lies at the heart of its source. In this module, I investigated Tweetdeck as a way to find out about currents news. My experience led me to make two significant discoveries about its effectiveness.

First, it was hard to find actual updates on current events about my topics. For example, with “The Cloud” many of the hyperlinks directed me to informative pages about different technology companies that use cloud computing. On Google, I can search “cloud computing” specific to news articles. Furthermore, Google news displays the most recent news at the top, whereas Twitter articles can be re-posted from months ago and still pop up on the top of my homepage. To add, twitter provides more picture and video content than actual text. It might be more appropriate to use twitter to supplement articles found on other news engines instead.

The second thing I noticed was that my searches turned up completely different results when I used a hash-tag to find information. Whereas the accounts I follow include more specific information on the topic, hash-tags invites the entire twitter community to post their input. This is a positive thing because it allows for different perspectives, however sometime the content is not related to my intended search.

I will probably remain to keep my twitter separate for social media and use Google as my news search engine. There is only so much news that can be discovered in 140 characters or less.


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